Doniell C. Cushman

Gib dich zufrieden und sei stille

  Gib dich zufrieden und sei stille  

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Título alternativo Be content and be quiet
CompositorJacob Hintze
Doniell Cushman
Lírico Paul Gerhardt
Gênero Religioso / Cristão
Instrumentação coro misto: Soprano, Contratenor/Alto, Tenor, Baixo
Composição paraCoral
Tipo de composiçãoPartes, Partitura vocal
chave Dó (C) menor
duração 15'45"
dificuldade Medium
Ano de composição 2019
descripção Translation: Be content and be quiet

This acapella German evangelical work has been chorally designed for ease of use, and the ability to pick which verses to sing. Included are the full score, and individual parts as well as 15 verses, and all translations. Dynamics have been left open to interpretation, and should be penciled in according to choir director's wishes. Notes on German pronunciation have included a guide.
data de postagem 16 fev 2019


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